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PHP Language Course

Course Content:

  • Introduction to web techniques
  • Function and String
  • Array
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • File And Directories
  • Web Techniques

About PHP Language Course

PHP is Open Source Web Development Language. Aspirants who want to build career in Website Development can opt for this course. This course helps in developing the OOP and web development concepts with SQL databases used for developing dynamic websites

What is the Prerequisite required for PHP?

OOP concepts, HTML, SQL queries

What is the Benefit of PHP?

PHP course enhances OOP and Web development concepts with SQL databases used for building dynamic websites. After completion of this course there are many chances to get a job in any small or large scale IT based organization, which might result into a good start to a professional career in website development

Job Opportunities

As per the recent survey most of the IT/Non IT based companies prefer skilled employment, Website Development course training will prepare you to enhance your Technical skills and increase your job opportunities.