Software Course nashik

.Net Course

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • C # Language
  • OOPs Concept
  • Exceptoinal Handling
  • IO Stream
  • Developing GUI Application using WINFORMS Basic Control
  • Introduction to Windows Service
  • Debugging and Diagnostics

About .NET Course and Certification

Android Application Development is used for Mobile Application Development. It is an open source concept and widely used know-a-days. This course helps in developing multipurpose mobile apps on android platform devices. OOP concepts, Java programming & SQLite database plays a combined role to build an Android Application

What are the Prerequisites required for Android

OOP concepts, Java, SQL queries.

What are the Benefits of Android

On completion of this course you will be able to develop Android mobile Applications single handedly

Job Opportunities

Reach ability to maximum and accurate clients is one of the biggest challenges. People with good skills of android are high in demand to fulfill such requirement. Knowledge Android application development may provide a breakthrough in well-known companies.