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CCNP Security Course

Course Content:

  • Identity Management/Secure Access
  • Threat Defense
  • Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions
  • Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions
  • Cisco Threat Control Solutions
  • Content Security
  • Devices GUIs and Secured CLI
  • Troubleshooting

About Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Security Course

A Cisco certified network professional (CCNP) is someone in the IT industry who has achieved a Cisco career certification, which is a type of IT professional certification created by Cisco Systems, best for network administrators & engineers.

Cisco Certified Network Professional Security certification program is aligned specifically to the job role of the Cisco Network Security Engineer responsible for Security in Routers, Switches, Networking devices and appliances, as well as choosing, deploying, supporting and troubleshooting Firewalls, VPNS, and IDS/IPS solutions for their networking environments.

A sound technical knowledge and experience is must for handling such complex networks, systems and devices. At Protech, we have fully equipped laboratories where you will be trained by the best faculty and will ensure that you can handle and safeguard any networking system.