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CCNP Data Center Course

Course Content:

  • Cisco Data Center Fundamentals Concepts
  • Data Center Unified Fabric
  • Storage Networking
  • DC Virtualization
  • Unified Computing
  • Data Center Network Services
  • Configure VLANs
  • Troubleshooting

About Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Data Center Course

A Cisco certified network professional (CCNP) is someone in the IT industry who has achieved a Cisco career certification, which is a type of IT professional certification created by Cisco Systems, best for network administrators & engineers.

The CCNP Data Center certification and training program offers comprehensive certification and Professional-level skills focused on the data center solutions, technologies and best practices to design, implement, and manage a modern data center infrastructure.

The CCNP Data Center certification can be your ticket to elevate your career from associate level to professional level. With proper training and highly equipped laboratories where you will be trained by professional faculty, we can ensure you receive this highly valued certification from Cisco.

Come and join us at Protech to make sure you are trained by the best faculty in the CISCO Training business.